CONTINUOUS TASK: Shelf reading

Go through a section of the library and make sure that all books within that section are in order based on their spine label.  If the spine label is too faded to read, please bring the book to a staff member.  If you have been taught to use the label maker, you may replace the label.

It is also good to make sure that all books will not fall off of the shelves (in the children’s room), or are not pushed back too far (in the adult room).  Tighten up any bookends to keep books from falling over or leaning, and add books to the displays when empty spots are available.



Go through the DVD racks and make sure that all DVDs are organized alphabetically by title, as indicated on their spine labels.  If any spine labels are too faded to read, or if any cases seem dangerously broken, please pull them off the shelf and take them to a staff member.

It is also good to go through periodically and make sure that every case includes its requisite number of discs.  If one does not, please hand it to a staff member immediately.

CONTINUOUS TASK: Circulation Desk

Make sure that the following are filled at the circulation desk:

  • Pencils and pens
  • Scrap paper
  • New borrower forms
  • Friends registration forms
  • Bookmarks with the library hours

Pencils and pens can be found in the staff office supplies.

Scrap paper is behind the printer, printed on one side.  Feel free to grab a pile and cut the sheets of paper into squares for use at the desk.

New Borrower Forms and Friends Registration Forms are in the “Originals” folder, just above the printer, with the cardstock.  Find a color that matches the old forms still on the desk, and make enough copies (10 or so) to keep on hand.

Bookmarks are in the Children’s Librarian supplies shelves, with the book prizes.  Choose a few styles in multiples of 10 and go to the staff computer.  Launch Microsoft Word, click the top left menu button and then Open.  In the top right search field, type libhours.  Open the file with that exact name.  Print labels using the sticker paper above the staff desk.  If any of these steps is unclear, please see a staff member.

Dusty Book List

A list was run by Eliza to get rid of old records that don’t actually connect to real books.  On the list are also books which have not circulated in 4 years, and should be found and deleted.

What to do:

  • Take the clipboard with the list on it.
  • Search for the books on the list by call number.
  • Strike through any book that you find.  Bring it to a staff member.
  • Put a check next to the books you cannot find.
  • When you finish with a page, bring it to a staff member.

Kids’ Website

Items to work on for the site Each club should have a page

  • Little Kid Book Club (LKBC)
  • Kid Book Club (KBC)
  • B-Tween the Lines (BTL)

Yearly Programs, each on its own page

  • Halloween Party (October)
  • Family Performance (November)
  • Gingerbread House Building (December)
  • Giant Candyland (February) (Add information about what is candyland, who comes, when it is and how to get involved)
  • Story Maze (April)
  • Summer Reading Program (June-Aug) (There is nothing)

E-News page No more Quarterly Contest Volunteer Opportunities should link to this blog Images for each page that can be used as links